NASA astronaut (Dafydd Williams) talks about safer working systems with NHS staff in Wales

A NASA Astronaut and A&E consultant has shared insights into creating safer working systems with NHS staff across Wales,

in a online seminar organised by 1000 Lives Plus.The WebEx Seminar Series, Operating in High Risk Environments, uses the safety culture of space flight to investigate what makes a ‘high reliability organisation’, and applies it to healthcare situations.

The presenter was Canadian NASA astronaut and A&E consultant, Dr Dafydd Williams.The session was attended by individuals and groups across Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland and the USA.

Dr Dafydd (Dave) Williams is an A&E Consultant, astronaut and aquanaut, He is the only Canadian to have lived and worked both in space and in the deep ocean, and is exceptionally proud of his Welsh heritage (his father emigrated to Canada from Bargoed).

Dr Williams holds an Exceptional Service Award from NASA, and the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal and served on two shuttle missions, in 1998 and 2007, when he was mission specialist on the space shuttle Endeavour and took part in three of the four spacewalks.