9 thoughts on “Contact the Society”

    1. Hi Brian,

      This is Phil the website guy. 🙂

      If you want to subscribe to the website and it’s updates, there is a link at the bottom of the page. It says “email subscription,” and you will receive updates when the page is updated.

      If you want to join the society there is a form, and there is a link to it which says “membership form” on the home page, as well as another link in the right hand column which says “membership.” Download that form and send it in by “snail mail” to the listed location.

      Hope that helps,


  1. I personally blog also and I am posting something related to this specific blog, “Contact
    the Society | Ottawa Welsh Society” Accieee.

    Do you really mind in the event I personallyincorporate a little of your points?
    Thanks for the post -Elijah


    1. Hi Sharon,
      The sessions are done on Zoom. The breakout room feature is also used to permit small group discussions. We are done for the summer but will be starting up again in September. Contact Alison Lawson at alisonlawson@rogers.com for more information and to get on her list for sending out the Zoom link.
      David the web site guy


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